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The Rules of Reprint

Terms of materials usage of Information and Analytics Agency ‘BUSINESS NEWS’ posted on websites doingbusiness.by and doingbusinessby.com



These Rules, in accordance with the law of the Republic of Belarus ‘On copyright and related rights,’ define the terms and procedure for the use of informational and analytical materials of the Agency ‘BUSINESS NEWS.’


1. General provisions

1.1. Any use of materials of Information and Analytics Agency ‘BUSINESS NEWS’ (hereinafter – the Agency), unless otherwise provided for in these Rules, shall be allowed only upon authorization of its editor and copyright owner – LLC ‘IA Business News.’ Any other use of the Agency’s materials is prohibited.

1.2. The Use means any reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, translation and other rework, and other kinds of use envisaged by the law of the Republic of Belarus ‘On copyright and related rights.’ The Materials mean articles, interviews, reviews, news and other written materials and information freely available on the websites www.doingbusiness.by or www.doingbusinessby.com.

The User means any person using the materials of the Agency.

1.3. Using the Agency’s materials with breach of any of the conditions in these Rules means that the product is used without permission of the Agency, which is seen as violation of the exceptional rights of the LLC ‘IA Business News’ and may involve the liability provided for by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

1.4. These Rules are applied to the news agencies, Internet information resources, newspapers, magazines and other publication services, television channels, radio stations, official websites of companies, users of the Agency’s sites and other users. 

2. The responsibilities of each user at materials using

2.1. Unless otherwise agreed by the Agency with a particular user, it’s allowed to use not more than 30% of the Agency's specific material unchanged from the beginning of the material content (title, secondary headline, text).

2.2. When using the Agency’s materials, the user has no right to process their original text.

2.3. The User must specify the source of the borrowed information under the material heading (e.g.: The agency "Бизнес-новости,’ or doingbusiness.by with the active hyperlink to the home page of the Agency website www.doingbusiness.by. If you use the English-language material, then the source ‘BUSINESS NEWS’ or doingbusinessby.com to be used with the active hyperlink to the Agency website page www.doingbusinessby.com).

Hyperlinks shouldn’t be banned for indexation by search engines (using a ‘noindex,’ ‘nofollow’ or by any other means); never use a redirect in the links, and don’t simply indicate the site address without the active link above.

2.4. At the end of a fragment of the material used, there should be an active hyperlink to the page with this material posted on the Agency's website.


An example of the Agency’s materials usage:  


2.5. When reproducing the Agency’s materials in the print, radio, television, video programs, the user is obliged to indicate the source, i.e. the Agency ‘BUSINESS NEWS’ (for print media – the website address www.doingbusiness.by or www.doingbusinessby.com as well).

2.6. When reproducing the Agency’s materials fragment in the press digest, there must be specifies the source with the active hyperlink to the Agency website and the publication date.

2.7. The Agency reserves the right to enter into exclusive arrangements for the use of its materials.

2.8. The liability for the distortion of the Agency’s materials meaning, which arose as a result of inaccurate reproduction, rests with the user. In the case of copyright infringement or damaging of the business reputation, LLC ‘IA Business News’ reserves the right to appeal to the court, according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. 

The LLC ‘IA Business News’ being the right holder of materials of the Informational and Analytics Agency ‘BUSINESS NEWS’ has the right to modify any provision of these Rules without prior notice.


For any details about the usage of materials of the Informational and Analytics Agency ‘BUSINESS NEWS,’ you are free to contact us: director@doingbusiness.by or dial the number +375 17 220 70 38.

All materials published by the information and analytics agency BUSINESS NEWS intended for general information purpose and are not a public offer to buy/sell any securities, or make other investments. The data contained on doingbusinessby.com, obtained from sources the agency finds credible. At the same time the editorial and authors are not liable for damages caused by the use of presented materials. Reprinting of materials is permitted only with BUSINESS NEWS authorship attribution and link to doingbusinessby.com.